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Country Critters Pet Sitters - PetSitter/DogWalker

Country Critters Pet Sitters
Job Description




For many of us, our pets are very close and we want them to be looked after as well as any family member. Many pet owners, who work full time, hire the services of pet sitters to look after their pets while they are away at work. 
When selecting a pet sitter, it is important to find out if the person we are interviewing is actually fond of animals or just doing it to earn extra money. Most pet owners gauge candidates for a potential pet sitting job with a lot of scrutiny – and so do we. 

So, if you are applying for this position, you will need to show us and our CCPS clients that you are indeed genuinely in love with animals, are caring, reliable, responsible, dependable, self-motivating and want to personally ensure pets & owners are getting the very best care.

As an independently contracted petsitter, you are in charge of your own schedule (within operational standards), and are able to be as busy as you want! This is an ideal full or part time job for the person who has other scheduling obligations to consider as well. You only have to work the hours you can and want to be scheduled for.

Employment Opportunity
All positions require the following:
•    A minimum of an 8mo – 1yr commitment
•    Daily Internet Access/Own cell phone
•    Own personal vehicle with license/insurance/good driving record
•    Candidate must pass background screening/criminal search
•    Ability to work well independently, follow directions and trustworthy
•    Candidate must be good with people and animals
•    Provide references/proof of professional animal and/or customer service experience (at least 2 professional references)
•    At least 6mos prior professional animal experience and/or customer service.
•    Must be willing to become certified in Pet CPR/First Aid once position is oferred. One time class (3-4hrs in eve or weekend through Red Cross. Price ranges from $45-$70 for class.) A plus if you already have this.

Prior professional experience with dogs/cats consists of one of the following: 
Animal shelters or animal rescue organizations (volunteer or work), SPCA (volunteer or work), animal hospital(volunteer or work), kennel, experience working at a grooming facility or doggie day-care/training facility, pre-vet student, dog training experience, animal schooling orother equivalent. 

All positions are part-time and on an independent contractor basis

Dog walking positions include visiting clients homes to exercise, walk or to let/take, out for their dog(s). Includes walking, cleaning up after animals, providing fresh water, giving dogs attention, establishing a daily routine for dog(s) & using our app for gps check in/out, leave notes/pics to let clients know how/what the dog(s) did.

Pet Sitting positions involve visiting clients home to care for their animals while they are away on vacation. This includes walking, exercising, letting dogs out, feeding/providing fresh water, cleaning up after animals, litter box scooping/cleaning, medicating animals, (if needed), providing care/attention to animals, looking after clients homes, taking in the mail/newspaper, watering plants, taking out trash, checking on house to make sure no issues, emailing/calling/texting clients with updates on their pets using our petsit app for gps check in/out, leave notes/pics to let clients know how/what the pet(s) did. Leave a welcome home card for clients for them to read upon their return, etc...

CCPS Job Requirements:
•    Availability over weekends and holidays is important. Some clients need day or evening hours, but petsitting is flexible enough to fit into most schedules. The more available you are to clients - the more jobs you can take.
•    Careful attention to detail, with regard to calendars, scheduling, time-blocks, and excellent communication with clients and CCPS company is a deeply desired and developed trait. 
•    We use back-up petsitters! However, If you made yourself available, and commit to a petsit job for dates contracted - that client and pet sit needs to be your top priority. Pets can't take care of themselves and we have an obligation to do what we have contractually agreed to do. 
•    Pet owners usually require that the people they hire as pet sitters possess a high school diploma or a GED, at the very least. They also want their pet sitter to have a clear background and look for qualities such as compassion, kindness, and a sense of responsibility - all of which are prerequisites to any petsitting job arranged though CCPS. 
•    Possession of a working cell phone and service, reliable transportation, a valid drivers license, and full coverage car insurance is a must! 
•    As a contractor, you will also be required to sign a contract with CCPS, a hold harmless agreement, and purchase personal bond pet sitter insurance at approx. rate of $50/yr. 
•    Depending on your individual duties as a pet sitter and the type of pet in question, you may be required to either stay at pet owners’ homes during the time they are away or visit a few times a day to feed and walk their pets. Each type of arrangement is personalized to fit the needs of our clients, but it also depends on you and your schedule, as the pet sitter. 
•    Pet care Arrangements are made either through our home office or through our petsitters directly, but all are entered into the database for scheduling and compensation tracking.
•    Initial free consults are prearranged with our pet clients and CCPS - and held in their homes with pets present. For quality assurance, initial consults are always accompanied by the petsitter and our CCPS owner. 
•    CCPS Pet sitter "optional" training is conducted quarterly. Mandatory training for CCPS is conducted once annually. Detailed Job description, initial training and Petsitter set up is arranged upon hire.

As an independent contractor, with CCPS, we offer a nice commission and incentive package for our petsitters. We help attract pet owners and clients, provide a proven business model, a trusted local brand, petsit advertising, publications, material, nominal supplies, and all the support you need to be a successful pet sitter with our agency - your successful career in this specialized field is your own. You are in control of your own schedule and decide how much you want to earn!

If you are interested in any of the above contracted positions with CCPS and want to join our team of petsitters, please send us an email with your experience and availability. Please include the position that you are interested in on subject line of email. We will email you an application and arrange a meeting and interview, if applicable. 

Contact us by phone or email, for more information about joining the CCPS family!

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