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Car or sports injury - don't wait, let me get your body back in alignment.
Adjustments are part of life!
When your body is in balance, it is amazing how strong and healthy you can feel.  That is why I strive to be the best and most effective chiropractor I can be, so I can help you to have a better balanced body – and life!
Chiropractor McMinnville


I use the most comfortable and effective styles of chiropractic care available.  Keeping your body in good alignment is critical to your well being.  How good can your body feel when it's well aligned

Exercise McMinnville Oregon


I teach the best exercise treatments to help your chiropractic treatments be more effective.  What you do at home can have a great impact on your progress!

Wellness Newberg


Many factors contribute to your sense of well being in response to chiropractic care.  I can help you make changes in your lifestyle to help you achieve a better sense of wellness.

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phone: (503) 474-1800
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