Managing Barista at The Common Cup

The Common Cup
Job Description

The Common Cup, an espresso & waffle bar located in Amity, OR is looking for one managing barista to join our team! Our ideal candidate is self-driven, outgoing/friendly, has a strong sense of community, and reliable.

As the manager at The Common Cup, it is your responsibility to make sure that the shop is running smoothly and the best that it can be. This means understanding the workflow and expectations of customers and employees to ensure that everyone has a great experience at the shop, through service, product, transactions and interactions.

Managing Barista will report to General Manager/Owner.


  • Staffing: Managers are responsible for staffing the business, creating and publishing the schedule at least two-weeks in advance. They act as the point person to all employees and it is the managers responsibility to know who is working when, oversee shift changes and find replacements if someone calls in sick. In a small business, staffing includes creating job descriptions, running advertisements for open positions, reviewing resumes and applications, interviewing prospective employees,hiring and firing. The manager oversees his staff, ensuring they are trained properly, follow company guidelines and policies, perform the job satisfactorily and receive feedback on a regular basis. In addition, the manager is responsible for collecting time cards, tallying and verifying work hours, distributing checks and tracking time off. Also responsible for organizing monthly or quarterly staff meetings.
  • Communication: Communication may be one of the most important responsibilities of a manager to keep the workplace running efficiently. Employees need to know the mission and goals of the business and what is expected of them to achieve those results. Managers must have the ability to comprehend directives from upper management and to then translate them to staff so that everyone is on the same page. A manager’s communication responsibilities may also entail resolving conflicts, motivating employees, speaking to the public on behalf of the company and preserving customer relationships. It is the manager’s job to communicate tasks and responsibilities to the staff that need to be completed in order to help the team. This includes tasks of restocking supplies, consolidating supplies, stamping cups, cleaning, organizing shelves, organizing the refrigerators and so forth. The manager is responsible for communicating any issues and/or concerns with the upper management to inform what is going on. Also, since the manager spends the most time in the shop out of any other employee, it is their responsibility to track menu item’s performance and communicate with upper management what items are working or not working, including any special requests and feedback.
  • Training: Managers need to ensure that direct reports are properly trained in job duties. Manager serves as the "role model" for the employees. Each of a manager’s employees should be scheduled for an initial orientation and for any subsequent training required to perform his job. He must evaluate the employee’s progress on a regular basis and determine whether additional training is needed. Since we are a growing business, there may be new menu items or frequent changes in our offerings. It is the manager’s responsibility to communicate and oversee that these changes are implemented correctly and that we are all presenting items in the same way. It is also the responsibility of the manager to note employees who are candidates for promotions or advanced positions within the company. He should work with each employee to create career goals and plans to attain them. Managers must also make the decision to terminate an employee unable to satisfactorily perform his job or who blatantly breaks company rules.
  • Business Growth: A manager’s prime responsibility is to the success of the company and actions should all be poised toward business growth. Managers are hired to run daily operations, coach employees, maintain quality control and ensure that its products and services are fulfilling customer needs. Managers must constantly review the company’s financial, budgetary and production goals. If the company is falling short of its goals, it is up to the manager to make the necessary adjustments to get back on track. A manager’s duty is to lead the organization to success.
  • Events: Manager is responsible for collaborating with Owner to think of and put on events at the Coffee Shop. This can include but is not limited to; live music, workshops, bookclubs, education, etc.
  • Inventory/Stock: Manager is responsible for keeping inventory of all stocked items in the coffee shop and responsible for reordering. Should have a daily awareness of levels of stock and be able to plan ahead to make sure everything is there.


  • -Barista/Service Experience is a plus
  • -Great Attitude, Friendly
  • -Self-Drive/Motivation
  • -Ability to Multitask and stay organized, detailed oriented
  • -Strong Communication Skills
  • -Understanding of Squareup POS
  • -Critical Thinker/problem solving skills/decision making
  • -Weekday Availability/Available if need to cover staff

We look forward to your application!

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