Tracy Ell – Member Testimonial

I have been attending and hosting McMinnville Chamber of Commerce-Greeters meetings (8-9 am on Friday mornings) for the last 6 years.  I am a firm believer that being an active member in Chamber is well worth your time and money.  The McMinnville Chamber is a very strong, very vested group of local business folks that are chamber members (as well as chamber staff) who are active and involved in their community, great people to partner with, and an opportunity to make lasting friendships with.  The chamber is very involved and supportive to their members for job postings, deals, events, and overall business support.  Recently, I have had 2 events that were very well supported by the Chamber by posting on their web pages, emailed out to members, I had the opportunity to tell members at the weekly meeting in person about the events, and in chamber ambassadors attended a Ribbon Cutting (brought the 3’ scissors and ribbon for us to use!) on a newly remodeled and expanded restaurant on our property.  Attending the greeters meeting on Fridays is the best attended chamber meeting I have attended and I have been to some in other cities/counties.  There is an average of 80 people at each Friday morning meeting.  You are able to share events, volunteer opportunities, and information about your business to potential clients, partners, and friends.  Yes, I said friends.  If you become a regular attendee to any chamber event/meeting, you will get to know and become friends with other business professionals in the area.  You never know when you might need a car repair person, Skilled nursing facility, insect terminator, photographer, real estate person, or any number of other specialties.  I am very thankful for my membership with the McMinnville Chamber and highly encourage anyone who is not already a member, to join right away.  You won’t be sorry!

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